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Terms and Conditions: 

Booking and Deposit: 

● A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total package price is required to secure our services for your event date. 

● The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event date. 

● Payments can be made via direct deposit as outlined on the invoice you will receive. 

Service Hours and Changes: 

● Any extension of the hours stated on the booking invoice or changes to the schedule must be requested and confirmed in writing as soon as possible. 

● Additional fees may apply for any such changes. 

Power Requirements and Generator Fee: 

● In the event that power is required outdoors for the ceremony and is not readily accessible, or if the venue does not permit the sound engineer to place wiring from indoors to outdoors for power, a generator fee of $240 will be applicable to cover the cost of providing adequate power. 

Coordination with Relevant Parties: 

● The client agrees to put us in touch with any relevant parties, including but not limited to the event organiser/coordinator, Rabbi, officiator, and venue manager. 

● This coordination is essential to ensure the seamless execution of logistics and other requirements for the event. 

Stage Arrangement: 

● Please note that we do not provide a stage for the performance. 

● It is the responsibility of the client to arrange for a suitable stage either independently or through the venue, as many venues typically have staging facilities available. 

● The client is advised to coordinate this aspect well in advance to ensure a suitable performance area for our services. 

Cancellation and Refunds: 

● In the event of cancellation by the client, the deposit is non-refundable. 

Changes to Services: 

● Any changes to the agreed-upon services must be communicated to us in writing. 

● We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate changes, but availability may be limited, and additional charges may apply. 

Venue Requirements (Including Smoke Machines): 

● The client is responsible for ensuring that the event venue can accommodate our sound and lighting equipment and any other special requirements, including the use of smoke machines, if desired. 

● If smoke machines are used, the client takes full responsibility for any costs incurred, such as fire alarm fees or any other related charges. 

● We recommend that the client verifies in writing with the venue whether the use of smoke machines is allowed. However, we do not assume responsibility for any issues or restrictions related to the use of smoke machines at the venue. 

Performance and Timing: 

● We will make every effort to arrive and set up our equipment in a timely manner on the event date. 

● The client agrees to provide a safe and suitable performance area with access to electrical outlets. 

● Any delays or interruptions to our performance due to unforeseen circumstances, such as technical issues or extreme weather, are beyond our control. 

Venue Sound Restrictions: 

● The client agrees that there are no sound limit restrictions placed by the venue, such as maximum decibels, use of subwoofers, or the location of sound equipment. 

● In the event that the venue imposes any sound limit restrictions that may compromise the quality of our performance, we reserve the right to withdraw our services. We strive to maintain a high-quality standard in our performances and ensure that our services meet the client's expectations. 


● The client is responsible for their guests' behavior and any damage caused by the guest to the venue. 

Force Majeure: 

● In the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters or emergencies, we may be unable to perform as agreed. In such cases, our liability is limited to a refund of the deposit. 

Musician Attire: 

● Our standard attire for performances is smart and formal wear. 

● If the client has specific attire preferences or requirements for our band members, they should provide ample notice. 

● Any additional costs associated with renting or purchasing specific attire will be the client's responsibility. 


● Acceptance of this quote by payment of the deposit indicates the client's agreement to these terms and conditions.

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